Will It Burn

Conversations & Press

From August of 2015, here’s a blurb in the Shepherd Express about Will It Burn’s first single, “Panic” ….

From August of 2015, 88.9 Radio Milwaukee’s Dori Zori sat down with Will It Burn’s EmAliyah & Eightzero for an in-depth (it’s long) discussion about their debut album, In Other Circumstances:

From September of 2015, Will It Burn played 91.7 WMSE’s “Local/Live” series with hosts Cal Roach & Erin Wolf. Here’s the intro & interview segments:

From January of 2016, Milwaukee music critic & man-about-town Cal Roach selected In Other Circumstances as one of the Best Local Releases of 2015.  Read all about it HERE.

From October of 2016, Breaking & Entering Milwaukee reviewed our single Mercy.

From November of 2016, Breaking & Entering Milwaukee did a little piece on our 2nd full-length album, Alcoholic Swear Monster.